About Pui - Pui's Thai Cooking Class - Khao Lak Thai Cooking Course
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About Pui

Pui learnt the art of Thai cooking, like many of Thailand’s best cooks, the old fashioned way at home. As a child she would help her parents as they prepared their family meals.
Pui helping to select chilli sauce at the market

Growing up near Khao Lak

She was born and grew up in Thai Muang, just a little further south down the coast from Khao Lak and so learnt the local art of cooking southern style Thai food. All through her childhood she really loved to cook.

As her area of Thailand became a popular tourist destination, Pui knew it was important to study tourism at university but she also wanted to pursue her passion for cooking.

University Life

Pui attended Ratchapat University in Phuket for two years studying Tourism Business with also included food and beverage management and three months hands on work experience in a hotel.

Following this Pui headed to Sukhothai University for a further two years studying Tourism. Here she learnt many aspects of the industry including tour guiding, obtaining an official tour guide licence. This licence is required under Thai law when conducting her local market tours.

Preparing Thai food with Pui
A Thai cooking class with Pui

A Little More About Pui

Pui is friendly and outgoing, speaks an excellent standard of English and has her own, unique taste when it comes to food and cooking.

She has a great wealth of local knowledge and always happy to share this with her students. She is also well travelled after her time at university and spending a lot of time in Germany with her family. She’s even taught her classes there too!

A Cooking Class with Pui comes Highly Recommended

Pui’s Thai cooking class in Khao Lak has been featured and recommended in the German travel magazine, GEO Saison Extra.Google Map icon

You can also read all the great reviews and comments guests have left on Google for Pui.

GEO Saison Magazine
Learn the art of Thai Cooking with Pui