Pui's Thai Cooking Class - Khao Lak Thai Cooking Course with Pui
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Learn to cook traditional Thai cuisine with Pui

one of Khao Lak’s most popular Thai cooking teachers

Pui's Thai cooking class

Flexible and Extensive Menu

Pui’s Thai cooking class is all about you getting the most out of your course. There is no set menu where you are told what you will be making and there’s no weekly schedule where certain dishes are prepared only on certain days.

With Pui’s you get to decide which of your favourite Thai dishes you will learn to cook. There are 38 different, mouth watering menu items to choose from, with new dishes added every year.

This is what keeps people coming back to Pui’s class, year after year, you always get to cook something new and exciting.

Cooking in beautiful surroundings

Learn to Cook in Beautiful Surroundings

Pui’s Thai cooking class take place on a garden terrace, over looking a lush tropical scene, surrounded by hanging orchids and ornate water features. This creates the perfect tranquil setting.

The preparation and cooking areas are open on two sides so it’s nice and cool, even when Khao Lak’s weather gets really hot outside.

There’s a clean, functional kitchen, kitted out with good quality utensils and plenty of room for cooking. At the end of the class, when all the cooking is done, everyone gets to dine together in traditional Thai style.

Free recipes to take home

For each dish prepared with Pui you will also receive the full recipe and cooking instructions, available in English or German so you can impress your friends with your new Thai cooking skills once you are home form your Khao Lak holiday.

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Pui’s Thai Cooking Class

Your day will start at around 9:30am in the morning and end at around 1:30pm after lunch. We will pick you up from your Khao Lak hotel or resort and then drive you to the local market nearby where you will be met by Pui.

Pui's cooking class at the local market

Local Market

An Introduction to Thai Ingredients

At the market you first decide what you would like to cook. If you do not know already, you can choose from the menu of 38 different dishes or ask Pui for her help and advice. There is always a dish for each cook in the class plus a few extras thrown in. Pui can offer her experience to help decide which dishes will compliment each other and the group decides the final menu for the day and the shopping list is then set.

Pui will explain more about the ingredients as you explore the market. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, to smell the fresh Thai herbs, to see how fresh coconut milk is made and choose the best, select items for the shopping basket. This takes around 45 minutes, then it’s time to head to the kitchen.

Food Preparation

And the Art of Thai Cooking

Once back from the market there will be time for refreshments whilst the ingredients are washed. Under the watchful eye of Pui everyone will be designated tasks and begin to prepare the ingredients. You will learn how to peel, chop and slice everything the Thai way. One of the highlights is certainly learning how to roll your own Thai spring rolls. When everything is ready it’s time to head over to the kitchen where there are four gas hobs ready for cooking.

Preparing spring rolls at Thai cooking class
Learning to cook Thai food

Again, under instructions from Pui it’s time for the real action to begin. As well as learning the correct sequence for cooking thai dishes, you will pick-up tips, tricks and explanations at every step from the master cook. How to fry curry pastes the proper way, why certain sugars are used instead of others and importantly when the food is finished. Cooking Thai food is quite a fast, hot art and you don’t want to over do it.

When all the dishes are cooked there are some further instructions on how to present the food and what extra ingredients are required to accompany each particular dish. To serve Thai food properly it’s important to know things like curries are served with steamed rice, but papaya salad is served with sticky rice.

Free Recipe

Mango with Sticky Rice and Coconut Milk

As well as free recipes for all the dishes you will cook at my Thai cooking class, I will also give you my recipe for mango with sticky rice. This is Thailand’s most popular dessert and really delicious.

Mango with Sticky Rice
When everything is finished it’s time for the best part of the day, to sample what everybody has made.

Fine Thai Dining

On Your own Thai Creations

Finally, when everything is finished it’s time for the best part of the day, to sample what everybody has made. Lunch is served in traditional Thai style with everyone seated around a large table and all dishes laid out in the middle of the table. There’s always plenty of food so you get to try everything plus an extra portion or two of you favourites.

Thai dining after class

During lunch you will also learn which condiments suit certain dishes and get the chance to ask Pui any final questions. After that, with a fully belly it’s time to collect your recipes and head back to your hotel.

Details about Pui’s Thai Cooking Class in Khao Lak

Classes Available Everyday

09:30 – 13:30 Daily

Pui’s Cooking Class can be booked any day of the week, during Khao Lak’s high season and also during the low season.

Classes start around 9:30 in the morning with the local market tour and sourcing ingredients.

Classes finish around 1:30pm after everyone has finished their delicious lunch.

Pui’s Cooking Class Costs

1,500 Thai Baht

Includes: local hotel* pick-up and drop-off, market tour, ingredients, soft drinks, tea, fresh coffee, lunch and recipes in English.

1,500 Thai Baht is payable by cash on class day.

*Local pick-ups are from the Khao Lak National Park to the south of the town centre, north as far as the Khuk Khak Beach area (J.W. Marriott). Pick-ups outside this area are an additional 300 Thai Baht south of the National Park and 500 Thai Baht north of Khuk Khak Beach, round trip. For groups of four or more persons, all pick-ups are free.

About Pui

Pui learnt the art of Thai cooking, like many of Thailand’s best cooks, the old fashioned way at home. As a child she would help her parents as they prepared their family meals.